Voice of the Lord


The Lord speaks to me in
many voices.

Many times, his words will
reach me with the sound of the sea.
Words of direction, wisdom.
Sending me thoughts of
what, where, and who, will
crash into my mind like the constance
of the incoming tide.

I will hear his voice, in the laughter
of the children, sometimes the
voice of friends will bear his message 
touching me, telling me, whispering
in my ear.

The Lords voice touchs me in the
tears of others, I listen, to his bidding.

The voice of the Lord reachs out to 
me in many ways and in many forms.

I give thanks to him, for allowing me
to have the ability  to understand
that is his way of reaching me.

The voice of the Lord
is loud and clear.

Listen carefully,
you will hear him too.

Copywite 6-25-03  Used with permission
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Music "Reach" 
Used with permisssion  Elan Michaels 

Jesus tube courtesy of Kathy