Thorns of a Rose

Have you ever wondered,
why beauty
could also be a substance
that would hurt you?
Like, the thorn in a rose.
Let me tell you a story.
Long, long ago,
when Lucifer and God
were still friends.


Before Lucifer fell to evil.
They would sit in the park and have
these philosophical conversations.
They were discussing the perfection of
the rose.  Its softness, its colour,
the petals so perfect.
God was rather boasting, what a great
job, he had done.
Lucifer said, Well God, what choice do
the children have, all they know is goodness.
Let me go down there, and show them
sin.  Liquor, cigarettes, pornography,
sugar, meat, greed, killing, sadism, 
war,adultery, whatever else comes to
my mind.

God thought it over, and decided it would
be "no contest" ~ he knew his children
and he ~ would win!

Long, long ago, the contest started.
We, his children, know from right and wrong.
We've had all our life, to make the choices.
The contest is almost over,
we've almost reached, the end.
Every time I get pricked by the thorn
of the rose,
I wonder, who will win.

Author: © DKD
All rights reserved  ©5 - 4 - 03
Used with permission
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