Mary and Larry
~ a love story ~

(dedicated to my very dear friends)

The power and strength of Mary and Larry's
love for each other ~ shines like a beacon
in the night.
The light so bright, it blinds me.

The gift of themselves, unmeasureable.
Their devotion,
makes me realize, it can happen,
love can be true, ever growing, ever lasting.
It happened to them, it can happen to you.

Love at first glance, the electric bolt shot
through them both.
Forty years later, you can still hear the
zing and the zapping, the thunder clapping,
when Mary says, Honey, thank you.

Mary will tell you, for all she's been through.
God must have a reason, he's kept her alive.
I think, its Larrys love, the life line between them.

He stood by her, he was the glue, that held her
together through the constant unbearable pain,
from accidents, broken shoulder, neck, back, ribs.
From teeth that poisoned and paralyzed her body.
He was there when the doctors removed a "thing"
out of her leg, they couldn't even label.

Finally, a new home, new State, pain management
patches, bringing some peace.
My wish, hope and prayer,
they can live in this sun shine the rest of their days.

The gift of their love story,
belongs to us all.
It has made a believer out of me,
how about you?

Author (c)  DKD
Used with permission
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