In Honor of Veterans Day,
I'm resending my brothers letter to his son.
Joey was home for 2 weeks, and has returned with
his unit, to spend another year,
protecting us.
I thank him, and all those like him, today, and all days.
~ September 2001 ~

A letter from Father to Son,
in light of the recent incident.

You cannot comprehend what is lost until you
comprehend what it is you have lost.
The path you have chosen will take you into
harm's way.  May God be with you and protect
you and all the other brave and righteous men
that are by your side.  Please do not succumb to
the temptation of revenge. It is your duty to ensure
that decency and humanity will be preserved for
the generations that will follow.  These fanatics 
that are threatening our world, civilizations that
have existed for centuries with morals and justice,
should be brought forward to account for their deeds
of savagery they have afflicted on innocent people.
Use all the senses that God has blessed you with to
care for your men and for yourself.  You can use the
latest technology too!  You have relatives that have
fought from San Juan Hill to the sands of Imo Jimo.
From the Lye Gulf and over the skies of Germany,
not to mention those that choose the blue or gray.
All honorable.  All came home....but one.

Your mission is Grave.
God Bless and Take Care.
Your Loving Father
Mike Goodell for his Son Capt. Joe Goodell
82nd Airborne
Ft. Bragg, NC
(Leaving for Afghanastan in Jan. 2003)

(c) DKD
11-22-03. Used with permission
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